hardware accelerated video decoding manjaro plasma
update: never mind, i'm dumb. i never had hardware accelerated video playback in mpv to start with, it was cpu playback at a buttery smooth 720p 60fps, as a reflash of a manjaro image tells me. i had some sort of massive performance deficit of an unknown origin, but no longer have it.

original post below

after an update yesterday, video playback acceleration is broken again. previously smooth 60 fps 720p playback fell down to a couple frames per second in mpv with a much warmer soc. can anyone please help me reconfigure it?

[user@user-pc ~]$ zgrep RK_VCODEC /proc/config.gz
[user@user-pc ~]$

[user@user-pc ~]$ glxinfo
name of display: :0
Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig

[user@user-pc ~]$ zgrep HANTRO /proc/config.gz
[user@user-pc ~]$

[user@user-pc ~]$ zgrep -i rockchip_pcie /proc/config.gz
[user@user-pc ~]$
[user@user-pc ~]$ pamac info linux
Name                  : linux
Version               : 5.18.11-1

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