wlan0 Cannot find device
My Pinefone 64 with a early mobian (upgrade with apt) work very good.. then it crash..

I can't rebuilt mobian with timeshift.. at this time wlan and bt work.. 
I install the latest mobian.
Mobian 20220621 run, but wlan and BT dosen't work..?
I tried a old mobian again, and nothing.. WLAN and BT dont work.

What is wrong with wlan and bt?


ip link set wlan0 up
Cannot find device "wlan0"

nmcli dev
cdc-wdm0 gsm disconnected
enx0000000005d1 ethernet unavailable
usb0 ethernet unavailable
lo loopback unmanaged
Can I upgrade the Firmware for the WLAN and BT Modem?

Is it the LTE Moden and Wlan and BT the same device? Huh 


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