Keyboard Case + Convergence Dock
From my experience when the PinePhone keyboard case is turned on, it will provide power to the phone but the phone's USB-C port will be disabled until the keyboard is powered off (I don't know if that's what happens to everyone else but it happens to mine LOL).

My question is:
If I plug the USB-C dock into the PinePhone's USB-C port and I provide power to the USB-C dock with its USB-C port, do I have to worry about accidentally turning on the keyboard and blowing up the phone?

I know using both the PinePhone's USB-C port and the keyboard case to provide power is a huge no-no. I said that the PinePhone's USB-C port is disabled when the keyboard is powered on but maybe it's only data that's disabled and not power, so if I I'm powering the USB-C dock, and I turn the keyboard on by mistake it might not be good. Obviously I've never tested it.
Quote:Can I plug something to the phone's Type-C port?
No! When the keyboard is connected to the phone, it powers the phone by internally supplying 5V to the VBUS of the phone's Type-C port. So if you connect another USB power supply to the phone's Type-C port, it's like connecting two chargers to the phone by cutting and splicing their cables. (Likely not a good thing, or something you'd consider doing if it was presented to you that way.) If you connect some USB peripheral there that only consumes power from the port (like mouse, unpowered dock, etc.), it may work (in theory), but only if you make *absolutely sure* the phone will not enable its power output to the USB device! No distros ensure that at the moment. When you plug USB periperal it's the same as plugging in two chargers into the same port, without additional software support that doesn't exist, yet.

I am very confused how I'm supposed to use the keyboard case in unison with the USB-C dock in general.
(03-25-2022, 03:21 AM)Merc Wrote: I am very confused how I'm supposed to use the keyboard case in unison with the USB-C dock in general.

Someone here can correct me if I'm wrong, but my recollection is that when the keyboard is attached you do not want to connect anything to the Pinephone's USB-C port that provides power. Chargers must therefore be connected to the keyboard port.

You can connect peripheral devices such as a mouse, ethernet/HDMI dock, etc. to Pinephone's port as long as they do not send power to the port. In fact I believe that's the only way USB peripherals will work. (Keyboard port is power-only.)
I tried the USB-C dock with my phone in the phone USB-C port and it seemed to work without any trouble. Only tested the HDMI.
Thanks for the replies you two.

So it would seem then that I can either use the keyboard case to charge the phone OR use the phone's USB-C port at any one time, is that correct?

I turn the phone on by pressing the keyboard's power button. If I plug a dongle into the phone's USB-C port, nothing I plug into the dongle is recognized until I power off the keyboard. Is that how it's supposed to work?

That doesn't seem like very good news for if I were to plug in an HDMI cable because then how would I keep the power on for any length of time without having to disable the dongle so that I can turn on the keyboard to charge the phone, you know what I mean? I can't use the phone's USB-C port while the keyboard case is powered on but at the same time I'm not supposed to provide power to the phone via the USB-C dock. That is where my confusion lies.
I took the liberty of testing it myself. You can use the keyboard, the dock and power the dock/phone all at the same time. I tried turning on the keyboard battery while delivering power to the phone via the USB-C dock and the keyboard battery would not turn on, which is a good thing.

I'm adding a new reply and not editing my last post so that this thread will get bumped (maybe, it might append to my last post anyways I'm not sure how the forum software works) and people who want to know can know that it's safe to deliver power to the phone via the USB-C dock while using the keyboard because the keyboard battery will not allow itself to turn on, so it's not possible (at least from my testing) to accidentally allow double charging and possibly damage the phone.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, I'm not recommending you try this on your phone LOL.
one thing is clear, no charging through phone's usb-c port if keyboard case is connected to the phone.

there seems to be conflicting advises, and i hate conflicting information.
this basically says nothing should be connected to the pinephone usb-c port, both non-charging and charging.

Quote:The PinePhone’s USB-C port remains operational when mounted in the keyboard and can be used for data and peripherals.
this says it's okay to use pinephone's usb-c port for non-charging.

i think some knowledgible should fix recommendations.

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