My new Pinephone Pro does not boot any more

I was very happy yesterday to receive my Pinephone Pro Explorer Edition.

After playing around with the preinstalled Manjaro, I decided to flash the eMMC with mobian from the sdCard.

Everything was going well till an error message stopped the process (I unfortunately didn't screenshot the error page).

Since then, my device refuses to boot.

What should I try to get the device back to track?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Jerome Lioret
I've also received my Pinephone Pro and followed the same path that you did.

While I can't offer any guidance on getting Mobian bootable from eMMC yet, here's how I got my phone back to normal:

- Write SD card with Mobian (any supported distro should work)
- Press and hold the "RE" button on the back of the phone (cover removed), and the power button at the same time
  After about 5 seconds, release the RE button. Keep holding the power button for another few seconds and then release - Mobian logo should appear

Now the eMMC has been bypassed and the phone is booted on SD
- Launch a terminal on the phone. If you run lsblk at this point, you should see both the eMMC and SD devices available.
- Download the Manjaro Pinephone Pro beta image and dd it to mmcblk2 which was eMMC in my case.

After rebooting, I have Manjaro installed on eMMC and Mobian on SD

Thank you very much for your advice: it worked perfectly.

Best regards,

Jerome Lioret
Eh dealing with the same problem right now. Unfortunately, the OP instructions aren't doing the trick for me. Trying to get postmarketOS installed....

edit: Ended up being a fully drained battery. Followed wiki guide and solved my problem.

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