Plugging in the Camera into CSI
I just got my "PINE A64+ Board 2GB" & the "Himax 5 Megapixel Camera Module".
Does anyone have instructions on how to open the CSI connector and inserting the flat cable?
or just a pic of installed camera.


This is a pic of the open csi connector.  (click it)

... you must be very careful when working with this connector. Gently use a finger-nail to pry up on the connector. It is very easily broken; use great care and extreme finesse. If you don't have the skills, find someone who does. 

Obviously, do not damage the connections; they are easily bent. Again, great care and extreme finesse are required... this is a job for gentle tiny finger tips, not hands nor elbows !   ... words to the wise.

Thanks MarkHaysHarris777

Some beach, I spent many minutes trying to get the creme color part up & half a second after seeing MarkHaysHarris777's image. I had the black connector up and installed the flat cable. (With HDMI on the right, pin 1 is on the far left & pin 24  on the near right).  Now to figure out how to get the Pine64 to see the camera.


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