keyboard et network
i'm arch user for 30 years and I am happy to finally have a phone running linux and even archlinuxphosh. I congratulate the entire team of developers working on this project. I have a usb-c dock and I just got the right keyboard.
Before I connected the keyboard, I had an ethernet port that gave me internet access. But after the keyboard connection, the eth0 wired network disappeared.
Is the eth0 network incompatible with the keyboard?
thank you for the information you can give me
[Image: biggrin.png]today, on arch phosh, after the updates of the kernel, phoc etc, the keyboard works and if we cut the charge of the pinephone by the battery of the keyboard, then the usb-c port works normally (eth0, usb stick etc), beautiful and congratulations to all for all your efforts so that we can phone under linux without being tracked. a special thanks to dantcnix!

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