Lamenting the fact that only 2 lanes of LVDS are exposed on SOQuartz
(Sorry if this is in the wrong spot; I don't see a section of the forum specifically for SOQuartz)

I eagerly bought the SOQuartz to replace the RPi CM4 in a project where I need to drive an LVDS display (hoping to drop the part of the circuit that converts DSI to LVDS), but yesterday I learned that the RK3566 can only support LVDS on its first MIPI-DSI transmitter, and on the SOQuartz only two lanes of the first DSI channel are broken out to the board-to-board connectors (MIPI_DSI_TX0_D[01][pn], page 15 of the schematics.)

I wish the two DSI channels had been swapped so that all four lanes of the LVDS-capable transmitter were broken out. The other DSI transmitter could have only 2 lanes broken out with less loss of functionality.

This is probably unlikely to be changed in a minor board revision, but maybe if there's a SOQuartz 2 or something?

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