Pine phone keyboard ?
(01-17-2022, 05:56 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Changing Times :
In the past, DHL delivered my Pine phones directly to my door.

NOW they deliver to my city, and then a 'third party' is going to deliver to my house.

In the past, When DHL sent me a text that they had picked up my shipment in Hong Kong, I would have my shipment at my door in about 24 hours.

NOW : this shipment took "Days" before even leaving Hong Kong,, the Los Angeles/customs and the road trip to my city in about another day, finally 3 days in my city
.......... before finally making it to my door.

In this crazy time I guess a week to travel around the globe is not too bad, but I would prefer counting hours to arrival, rather than counting days or weeks.

I think it depends on the actual service a shipment uses.

For example, I have received packages from Germany shipped by DHL, but that was mean a regular postal service, so it was handled by local postal service.
...but I have also ordered more expansive ways and DHL was also the final courier that case...

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