Imagine what I could do.
I'm generally excited for this, I've been researching ways to possibly modify reMarkable for my purposes, but it seems that PineNote would be a better fit!  Just wanted to share some thoughts and ideas on PineNote. 

I would love to be able to;

1. Have an interface that is built around the pencil experience.
- It seems current UIX is kind of clunky (for these types of devices), and built around an experience that was mouse first and pencil interaction an after thought.

2. Collaboratively Edit/Comment/Modify Documents, Spread Sheets, Diagrams, Drawings, and Slides.
- I want to be productive, as well as consume content.
- I want to be able to draw and present (securely) in near real time.
- I want others to be able to draw and help modify the documents I'm working on.

3. A Modem isn't a MUST, but at least some type of network comms would be.
- Tethering Comes to mind.
- I don't want to be dependent on plugging into a computer to get updates.

4. Be a good e-Reader (and e-Writer)
- Interfaces w/ All the popular "libraries" out there (Library/Amazon/etc).
- Be able to author eBooks as well, or somehow leverage the device as a format validator (e.g., see how my newly created eBook displays/works).

5. Be a good SSH Terminal
- Most of my job revolves around SSH Terminals.
- Maybe have the ability to also connect an external monitor/keyboard/mouse?

6. Device Security
- Have a TPM or a protected space to store my private keys (ARM Secure Extensions?).
- Be able to manage it via MDM, or some other type of enterprise management tool.
- On-Device Encryption.  Maybe integrate some type of labeling system for DLP as well.

- Be able to control devices (or issue commands) to other devices that are very near.
- To start a conference (a few flicks of a magic pen, and my document is now on a screen)
- To share content (^^)
- To locate my lost tablet! (kids are hiding it again).
- To use it as a finder of my other things.
Usually Pine64 offers the hardware and the users will adapt/port the software needed.
It is stated in the announcement that the first batch will be barely usable because developers (AKA users) needs to work on the device drivers.

That said it will probably run a common Linux distro so it will use the software already available.
I don't think Pine has the resources to develop a UI specifically tailored for the PineNote.
I will hopefully run several distrus and one or two BSDs. Smile

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(08-17-2021, 08:54 PM)dsbaha Wrote: 7. NFC/UWB

I keep landing at this post, while checking (& re-checking) to see whether there's any talk of a UWB module for the PinePhone. So much potential there! 

The last few models of Samsung Galaxy & iOS devices all have UWB, & Tile has announced their new tag will use UWB as well; but I can't find any *reasonable* priced phones with UWB, much less anything open source. 

We'll never get nifty, potentially lifesaving UWB features (such as a widely implemented UWB messenger?), unless a lot more phones get the necessary hardware. 

UWB can be useful for machine vision, too:

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