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First of all thank you for announcing the PineNote! Really great to see that!

I was wondering what PDF Reader you plan to use for the PineNote. Since you mentioned that you will talk to the KDE people regarding software, how about using Okular? I think it would be great choice.

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Okular is a fine reader.
As note taking application (and also for handwritten annotations in pdf documents) xournalpp is pretty fine as a contender (it also uses the poppler library underneath), but it can do different stylus pressure levels and stuff.
My main use will be to annotate PDFs so a reader that supports handwriting and scribbling all over the page with different colours would be useful to me Smile
We're still so far off having graphical userspace software for the device that this question doesn't really have an answer right now.

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I'd recommended KOReader on the announcement blog post. It's a fantastic eink oriented reader that supports PDF, EPUB, and other formats. No/minimal work needed. It also has support for PDF annotations. I don't know if it supports drawing/writing annotations, but the base work is already there and it's designed for eink already.
Yes, KOReader is a wonderful e-ink viewer compatible with almost every common e-book format, including PDF. 

I am using it since much over a year already on both a 10.3" LikeBook Mimas and a Hisense A5 as the preferred reader interface.

More details at and source code is available at
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I still need to check the KOReader, but in my first tests with the machine, using Android readers, the Adobe Acrobat was the only one capable of deal with PDFs having an index with hundreds of entries. All the other ones were frozen and die "trying" to work.

This, using the stock software that came with the machine. I am just trying to understand it by now.
After installing the Android KOReader version in the PineNote ...

... what a difference. This is a full featured and very fast reader, that permits to use grayscale instead of color. And it is made with LUA, hence the speed.

For my particular usage it lacks some things, but in general it is a much better option that the other ones. Let me compare more carefully the indexed PDF with Acrobat Reader.

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