Building a new cluster with external storage

I am contemplating building a new cluster and one of the questions I have asked myself is wether it would be better to boot all modules from a central server and rund them sort of "diskless" as I intend to build them into a K3S cluster anyway.

I could not find any clear reference to how this would need to be setup. I am not rookie as far as Linux is concerned. And at some point I have setup network boot with Sparc 4 hardware with RARP and TFTP. But I could not find a clear reference wether the sopine can do a net boot and what is required for it.

So if someone can show me pointers to information I might have missed out I can dig into it and see if I can work out a plan before I go and order things.

Regards, Hugo.

PS: I'll do my best to document all my steps online once I get going.
This is largely here be dragons territory. But this seems to be the starting point:

Edit: see also:
Great pointer. Thanks for that.
And an occasional dragon .... makes for a bit of fun.

Regards, Hugo.

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