Files change randomly after coping to USB disks
So, this is setup:

Pine64 LTS with 64GB SD Card -> USB Hub -> 4 External cases with disks inside

1) I create large ZIP file on my desktop (win10) and check MD5 hash.
2) I copy that file to Pine SD card via Samba and check MD5 hash. Hash is same as original.
3) I copy file from SD card to Disk1. I check hash of file on SD card and on disk1. All hashes are same.
4) I copy file again from SD card to Disk2. I check hash of file on SD card and on disk1 and disk2. All hashes are same.
5) I copy file again from SD card to Disk 3. I check hash of file on SD card and on disk1, disk2 and disk3. disk2 hash is different!!!

You can see this running twice, once in subdirs of disks, and once in root of disks:

Error is sometimes on 1 disk, sometimes there is no error, sometimes error is on 3 disks and sometimes on all disks. It's random.

How is that possible?

I have ran disk checks for bad sectors, i am currently doing mem test, everything is fine for now...
Found problem. Faulti USB port on PINE. As soon as i switched USB hub from one USB port to another, it all stabilized and files are not damaged anymore.
Well, probably not all USB ports are powered "equally" but maybe are wired internally via an USB hub as well? Therefore, I rather expect a power issue than a hardware defect. You could try with a powered USB hub to be sure.

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