already out of preorder stock, or store glitch?
I get this message on the shopping cart page: 

"Sorry, we do not have enough "PINETAB - 10.1" Linux tablet with detached backlit keyboard" in stock to fulfill your order right now. Please try again in 4320 minutes or edit your cart and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

The standalone tab is listed as out of stock on the store page.

Asking if this is a glitch because I think I remember something similar happening during the BH pinephone preorders
I tried myself, and it says the same thing. All I can say is that it might be out of stock, as their May update said "... I need to underline that this is a limited-quantity pilot-production run" for the PineTab. So it could well be out of stock, as well as a weird glitch with how it dealt with it.

See it here
This is very unfortunate. It feels like its been close to a year I've been waiting for this thing, and its out of stock the first day its released?
I feel your pain, but I don't have any good solution. Personally I was lucky to make a preorder just 4 hours after the twitter announcement. Note that first batch of PineBook Pros went out in 3 minutes (!) So unfortunately, you have to wait for next

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