Compile kernel /Android and can't detect SDHC from Kernel
(01-03-2018, 12:55 AM)spbrain Wrote: Hello?

I found how to compile compile pine64 android 5.1.1 from

I modified some parameters (LPDDR3 define from uboot) and I made sun50iw1p1_android_Baomi-db1000_uart0.img and write to sdcard using Phoenix program(Start Up Option).

Then finally confirmed the boot screen.

But Strangely, system.img was not mounted.

console output is

  30.041548] fs_mgr: __mount(source=/dev/block/by-name/system,target=/system,type=ext4)=-1
[   30.050642] fs_mgr: Failed to mount an un-encryptable or wiped partition on/dev/block/by-name/system at /system options: (null) error: No such file or directory
[   49.727478] fs_mgr: check_fs(): mount(/dev/block/by-name/cache,/cache,ext4)=-1
[   49.735547] fs_mgr: begin to format ext4 buffer : /dev/block/mmcblk0p10[   49.743178] fs_mgr: Not running /system/bin/e2fsck on /dev/block/by-name/cache (executable not in system

And Kernel Parameters
[    0.000000] Kernel command line: enforcing=1 earlyprintk=sunxi-uart,0x01c28000 initcall_debug=0 console=ttyS0,115200 loglevel=8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p7 init=/init partitions=bootloader@mmcblk0p2:env@mmcblk0p5:boot@mmcblk0p6Confusedystem@mmcblk0p7:misc@mmcblk0p8:recovery@mmcblk0p9:cache@mmcblk0p10:metadata@mmcblk0p11:private@mmcblk0p12:alog@mmcblk0p13:UDISK@mmcblk0p1 cma=384M androidboot.selinux=permissive androidboot.serialno=74005034440c080b038e androidboot.hardware=sun50iw1p1

And I found problem log from kernel message.
As Image from offical site "", 
Linux Kernel found "mmcblk0".
Log is 
9.929729] mmc0: new high speed SDHC card at address 59b4
9.930831] mmcblk0: mmc0:59b4 USD00 29.5 GiB
But compiled linux kernel can not found SDHC card.

I tried 8GB SDHC Card but it same.
What do I modify bootloader config or kernel ??
How do I fix this problem?

SD Card Init Log is below from kernel and no detect SDHC card 
[    8.730445] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: SD/MMC/SDIO Host Controller Driver(v0.20 2015-7-13 16:28) Compiled in Jan  3 2018 at 09:36:58
[    8.743342] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: regulator prop vmmc,str none
[    8.750009] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: regulator prop vqmmc,str none
[    8.756760] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: regulator prop vdmmc,str vcc-sdc
[    8.763920] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: No vmmc regulator found
[    8.770110] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: No vqmmc regulator found
[    8.776929] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: Got CD GPIO #166.
[    8.782910] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: sdc set ios: clk 0Hz bm PP pm UP vdd 21 width 1 timing LEGACY(SDR12) dt B
[    8.793861] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: no vqmmc,Check if there is regulator
[    8.816982] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: sdc set ios: clk 400000Hz bm PP pm ON vdd 21 width 1 timing LEGACY(SDR12) dt B
[    8.846524] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.sdmmc: base:0xffffff80000ba000 irq:92
[    8.853803] sunxi-mmc 1c10000.sdmmc: SD/MMC/SDIO Host Controller Driver(v0.20 2015-7-13 16:28) Compiled in Jan  3 2018 at 09:36:58
[    8.866672] sunxi-mmc 1c10000.sdmmc: Can't get vmmc regulator string
[    8.873611] sunxi-mmc 1c10000.sdmmc: Can't get vqmmc regulator string
[    8.880656] sunxi-mmc 1c10000.sdmmc: Can't get vdmmc regulator string
[    8.887695] get() with no identifier
[    8.891594] get() with no identifier
[    8.895491] get() with no identifier

(01-24-2018, 05:12 PM)Luke Wrote: Hi Manh and welcome to the forum. Please post just once (posts from new members are moderated). We're getting to new members posts as soon as we can. Please read the forum rules to learn more.

Dear Luke,

I am sorry for my inconvenience.


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