Can't get Mobian on PinePhone to recognise USB-C docking bar
(05-04-2021, 05:46 AM)duncan_bayne Wrote: Hi Folks Smile

I recently purchased a USB-C docking bar and a new convergence-capable PinePhone motherboard, and fitted the new motherboard last weekend.  The Braveheart owner's discount was much appreciated too Smile 

I'm running the Mobian nightly build from 2021-05-02.

When I plug in the USB-C docking bar, it just charges the phone; no peripherals are detected (I have a keyboard, monitor, and trackball connected to the bar).  Instead I get the following in dmesg:

[  494.616801] anx7688 1-0028: DATA role change requested to UFP

I've tried upgrading to the linux-image-5.11-sunxi64 kernel, and flashing the ANX7688 firmware as per these instructions, but to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I suspect I'm missing something blindingly obvious.



I had the same/similar problem, and I identified it as a bad USB-C port.  I got a little further than you did.  The phone would accept the mouse and keyboard, sometimes the charger, but never the monitor.  Lucky for me, I had two Convergence Package PinePhones and two Pine docking bars.  I finally realized that one of them would dock instantly with a fully loaded Pine docking bar (mouse, keyboard, ethernet, charger, and monitor) and the other didn't... when using the same distro on a transported SD!  I reported the problem to Pine Support.  They offered to send me a new USB-C side board to install myself... if I was confident with installing it.  Since I am not confident, I sent it to them for diagnostics and replacement. They have possession of it now.

At first I thought the problem was the order in which I attached the accessories. Then I though it was the docking bar. Then I thought it was the distro. i.e. Mobian instead of Manjaro or PMOS Phosh. Once I ruled all them out, I realized it was the defective USB-C port in the one phone.

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