A terminal window never opens in Chromiun OS
(01-13-2021, 12:38 PM)tophneal Wrote: what happens when you run the installer through settings?

considering it uses the same, or a very similar image to the PBP, i'm afraid you may not get a working crostini shell. you likely will need to install crouton (though x forwarding with the plugin likely also wont work.

Not sure if it will work, but you could try flashing the fyde img to an sd and seeing if that boots. it has working crostini and android+play store.

Hello, thanks for response, really i think think that I haven't gotten to install it correctly because when i executing 'vmc list' in Chrome OS developer shell i receive this response:

termina (0 bytes)
Total Size (bytes): 0

and if i execute 'vmc start termina' i receive this response:

Error: routine at frontends/vmc.rs:133 `vm_start(vm_name,user_id_hash,VmFeatures{gpu:matches.opt_present("enable-gpu"),software_tpm:matches.opt_present("software-tpm"),})` failed: bad VM status: `VM_STATUS_FAILURE`: VM failed to start in time

but terminal apears in app menu, and if i click in the icon, the terminal never opens. I'll try to do what you told me.
Regards, and thank you very much

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