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Moderation Forum Rules & Expectations for Discussion and Decorum - MarkHaysHarris777 - 09-02-2016


The purpose of this forum is to provide friendly technical support and discussion concerning the PINE64 devices, in a manner which is conducive to education, collaboration, and friendship.

To this end, and to clarify what is expected, here are the ground rules for use of this forum, so that we are all on the same page.

New Forum Members
Once a user is registered:
* Each of a user's posts (replies and new threads) must be approved by a moderator, and the user may post no more than 3 times per day. Posts may not contain attachments.
* Sending and receiving private messages is not available.
After 3 days or 3 approved posts a user becomes a full member.

General Guidelines
* Use common sense.
* Treat others with respect and consideration.
* Before posting a thread, check to see if a thread has not already been started that addresses the issue. See this thread to learn how to search  the forum for information you seek. 
* Try not to derail existing threads by taking them off on tangents.
* When starting a new thread, be descriptive. “Help me, lol!” is not a good thread title.
* Do not post offensive or indecent text, images or links. 
* Verbally attacking or harassing other users is not acceptable - there is no need for it. 
* Swearing is usually unproductive – please try and avoid using profanity. 
* No spamming or advertising. 
* No trolling.
* Moderators reserve the right to edit, move, or delete posts if necessary.

Making Use of Forum Features (not mandatory - just a kind request)
* When addressing someone in a thread please use @ symbol.
* If your thread concerns an issue, and the issue has been solved, use the 'solved' option. Moderators can also mark the thread as 'solved' if need be

If an infraction occurs, the moderators will attempt to warn the individual via private message. If the person has turned off their private messages, this will not be possible and a public message may need to be posted to the thread in question, to inform the user of the situation. 

So, the offending person will be asked to correct the situation with a friendly warning in the first instance. Depending on the perceived severity of the infraction, there may or may not be a second, similar warning if the behaviour is repeated.

However, if this is not effective, at the moderator's discretion, the offending post(s) may be edited or possibly even deleted.

If the offensive behaviours are not corrected, or escalate, the offending member may be subject to further disciplinary action in the form of a temporary ban (a week or so depending on the circumstance).

And if, after returning from said temporary ban, the offensive behaviours continue, and all efforts to persuade fail, the member will receive a permanent ban.

RE: Moderation Forum Rules & Expectations for Discussion and Decorum - Ghost - 09-14-2016

Obviously common sense reigns here - don't be cruel, help each other out, all that kind of stuff Smile