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Rock64s will not boot any OS - camosoul - 05-07-2020

I own 4x Rock64 boards.

3x of them of them will not boot.

They turn on all lights and never do anything. No HDMI output. Nothing.

I have a custom script that installs ArchLinux ARM which used to work/boot just fine. I've used it dozens of times.

I also tried the Armbian and Manjaro Arm images. Same results. All lights turn on, no HDMI output, it just sits there.

Two of the boards are V3, one is V2.

Yes, the jumper is installed.

RE: Rock64s will not boot any OS - camosoul - 05-18-2020

after much wailing and gnashing of teeth...

v2 board:
I made a fresh ArchLinux Arm card using my old script. Stuck it in the V2. It wouldn't boot. Out of frustration I just kept hitting the reset button. After about 6 hours of being belligerent... I kept hitting reset, punched it a few times, Threw it across the room against the wall a few times. Plugged it in. It booted! It continues to boot every time! Running it hard with my cryptography toys, its working perfectly. I guess it just needed some violent persuasion? Yeah, I don't trust it, but it's being going strong for 12 hours now... I guess I beat some sense into it? It realized that working properly was in its best interest?

v3 boards:
I've downloaded and DDed every image (for V3) on this page:

Only one boots: Debian by MrFitIt2001

Absolutely nothing else will boot. I'll say it again, absolutely NOTHING on that page works except for one... And it's of no use to me.

The V3 boards are useless bricks. Almost none of the advertised software actually works. What does work, while many may be thankful MrFixIt2001 for being the only functioning delivarable, does not suit my use case.

The V2 boards are tempermental, at best.

I'll be looking elsewhere from now on. No more Pine64 products for me.

RE: Rock64s will not boot any OS - Rocklobster - 05-19-2020

Just a note that I have six Rock64 boards. All booting and working with Armbian from first boot.