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Bluetooth Issue? - FeMike - 04-23-2020

I still run OOB Debian on my emmc and I believe it's the most recent which is from late December. The issue I'm having wasnt always there but I'm noticing that after a reboot or logout/login the Bluetooth icon works once. So say I pair a new bt mouse I would click the icon again to get to connected devices and select the gold star to make it a trusted device, that's where the problem occurs. After that first pairing when I click on Bluetooth it thinks for a bit then closes out no longer able to access bt settings. The search feature is not existent on mobile devices so I apologise if this is already a thread. Does anyone have the same problem and knows if a thread that covers this or some insight on this issue. Thank you.

RE: Bluetooth Issue? - jiyong - 04-23-2020

Perhaps this thread can help (although description is a bit different):
But since the default OS is going to be Manjaro, why not try to install Manjaro?
You can wonder if the Debian install will get updates in the future.