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MAME on Standard KDE Neon - Corkonian - 12-18-2018

So I tried to install MAME on the Pinebook. Would be nice, to have some games around and MAME should be lightweight....
So, after installing and basically configuring, I tried to start my first game

$ mame -nojoy galaga

... and what did I get?
libGL error: unable to load driver :

RE: MAME on Standard KDE Neon - strider - 12-18-2018

I thinkany kind of openGL application is going to encounter this type of problem unless explicitly compiled with sunxi / Mali GPU support.

I guess the best option to get MAME running would be to get Retroarch running but this is being worked on here:

RE: MAME on Standard KDE Neon - Corkonian - 12-19-2018

Well, I have a number of Raspis and they run MAME well. As I only have two Pinebooks and want them to be able to do some productive work, too, I do not want to switch to a completely different Linux distro that comes with it's own set of issues. Swapping mini SD's ain't too good either. I have a Pinebook, because I use it while being OOO. Those micro SD's are, well, a bit too fiddly and get lost easily.
I just want a bloody system that has Mali GPU in the Kernel and that basically just uses what's in it. Even worse, this is not by any means a "new" problem, this is ongoing. Ongoing for a bloody long time.