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Lakka poor performance experience - Danielsan - 02-11-2018

Hi guys,

The performance with Rock64 and Lakka aren't good enough to have a good experience out of the box, I got a better experience with a PI2 and Retropie.
Probably Lakka needs a better tuning so I would like to understand where is the place to get help to solve these issues, I mean here or on the Libretro forum.

Thanks in advance,


RE: Lakka poor performance experience - Luke - 02-17-2018

Thats probably because there are no working SDL drivers. I've spoken to RecalBox devs recently and they are working on an implementation for RK SOCs. TL has kindly agreed to send them dev kits and they promised support for the R64.

As a side note, I have a dev build of Lakka with somewhat improved performance. Regardless, 2D emulators already run better than on RPI3.
PS1 works really well too. For N64 and other 3D emulators ... you'll probably want the RockPro64.
Have you tried Retroarch in Android ?

RE: Lakka poor performance experience - Danielsan - 02-17-2018

Thanks for your reply.

Eventually playing with the setup I was able to have some improvements, N64 emu plays now decently. And now I am dealing with the PS1 emulation.

There are some missing piece in this Lakka version like the overlay assets so I had to download them manually. Withh the overlay enabled I could tricks the graphics and keep the frame rates high.

I look forward to see the rockpro64 however Hard Kernel, the one of the Odroid boards, is preparing a better board with the same arm chipset.

Even if the specs of this latter are better I believe that Odroid-XU4 might continue to be better for the emulation because the higher numbers of cores.