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Zwave module on LTS - saileshrajk - 01-10-2018

Any idea if the Z-Wave module for both Pine64+ and LTS are the same? i.e. will the one bought for pine64+ work on LTS?

I currently have xenial-minimalĀ from ayufan-pine64 repositories, ubuntu-mate installed.
I have also installed Openhabian from here (manual steps)
Its all up and running.

When I install the z-wave binding and try to get the z-wave serial controller, it says port /dev/ttyS1 or S0 does not exist.

Any idea as to how to get this work?
The same z-wave module was working fine on another Pine64+ board


RE: Zwave module on LTS - xalius - 01-12-2018

I don't see any problems with that since the expansion connector pinouts are all the same... maybe the devicetree files are configured differently, but from the hardware side there should be no issues...

RE: Zwave module on LTS - tllim - 01-15-2018

Should be same between PINE A64 and PINE A64-LTS