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Ubuntu Mate 'Welcome' and Software Boutique. - AndyK - 06-20-2017

Not sure if anyone is tracking issues but I flashed Ubuntu 0.5.5-65 onto my new 64g EMMC last night and have been exploring. 

Very pleased so far - the Pinebook is awesome.

Anyway one thing I did spot was that the 'Software Boutique' which is part of Ubuntu Mate Welcome seems to show no available software and crashes after a few minutes. Having been away from Linux for a bit, I was hoping this would show me the 'best in class' apps rather than have to trawl through everything on one of the many package catalogs and managers.

The reason it crashes, it  seems, is because it doesnt know about ARM builds and since the Pinebook is ARM it shows no available software which then crashes the Boutique.

Can you folks in the Pine community lobby the Ubuntu Mate team to support ARM apps?

Until then: sudo apt-get install ....


RE: Ubuntu Mate 'Welcome' and Software Boutique. - xalius - 06-20-2017

I think the problem with the Mate Software Boutique really is that it has no software collection for arm64 in general. So to raise awareness I would file a bug report against that on the Ubuntu Mate bugtracker..

RE: Ubuntu Mate 'Welcome' and Software Boutique. - dkryder - 06-20-2017

there is the search function in synaptic package manager to view packages that are in the repos you use. software boutique for me was a constant false hope in that it displayed packages that where in fact unavailable whereas synaptic just shows what you have in your repos.

RE: Ubuntu Mate 'Welcome' and Software Boutique. - xalius - 06-21-2017

Yeah at the moment I would either use apt on the terminal or Synaptic on the GUI. The easy to use updater and software installers seem to be a bit broken for ARM64 right now...

RE: Ubuntu Mate 'Welcome' and Software Boutique. - Ajinkya - 06-29-2017

Yes, I was facing the same issue. It seems that Ubuntu does not support ARM64 currently. There are a few workarounds mentioned here that you may try: 

But I guess most most beginners (myself included) will have to wait until this is sorted out.