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FalconGate (PINE A64(+)) - pineadmin - 05-31-2017

FalconGate (PINE A64(+)) 20170430

RE: FalconGate (PINE A64(+)) 20170430 - JulianM - 06-16-2017

FalconGate received an update.

There was a problem with the size of ipset "blacklist".
The maximum size of the ipset "blacklist" was 65536. This limit has been reached after adding new lists to FalconGate.

This my little "quick 'n dirty" solution to extend the ipset limit to 500.000 elements.

#1: Save all rules:
iptables-save > save
ipset save blacklist -i blacklist
ipset save blacklist-user -i blacklist-user

#2: Delete all iptables rules: (blacklist-user is optional!)
iptables -F INPUT

#3: Delete all blacklist- and blacklist-user rules: (blacklist-user is optional!)
ipset destroy blacklist
ipset destroy blacklist-user

#4: Create new blacklist- and blacklist-user rules: (blacklist-user is optional!)
ipset create blacklist hash:ip maxelem 500000
ipset create blacklist-user hash:ip maxelem 500000

#5: Restore saved ipset rules: (blacklist-user is optional!)
ipset restore -i blacklist
ipset restore -i blacklist-user

#6: Restore saved iptables-rules:
iptables-restore < save

Best regards

RE: FalconGate (PINE A64(+)) - pineadmin - 08-15-2017

Updated FalconGate (PINE A64(+)) 20170705 on Wiki and PINE64 Installer.