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Q4OS is available - Luke - 03-03-2017

Hello everyone, 

Just letting you know that Q4OS now available for download for the Pine64. 
You can learn more about the OS on the official site

NB. I would much appreciate if you'd provide me with the default login and password (if there are any) once you set it up, so I can update the Wiki entry - couldn't find the credentials anywhere ....


RE: Q4OS is available - q4osteam - 03-04-2017

Initial login credentials:
user: adminq
pass: adminq

RE: Q4OS is available - Luke - 03-04-2017

(03-04-2017, 02:39 AM)q4osteam Wrote: Initial login credentials:
user: debian
pass: debian

Many thanks and welcome to the forum Smile

Edit: Wiki entry updated

RE: Q4OS is available - xalius - 03-04-2017

Hello q4osteam,

I will try the new image if I find some time this weekend...


Edit: Make thread sticky!

RE: Q4OS is available - xalius - 03-04-2017


Ok I had some time to flash a sdcard and test-drive your image :-)

While I am personally not a huge fan of KDE I really like the effort you put in in making this lightweight distro which seems to be aimed at people that are new to Linux and who will appreciate the somewhat familiar UI and ease of the basic configuration tasks coming from a Windows desktop environment.

I noticed two things so far related to the network configuration. On boot if no Ethernet is connected there seems to be a long timeout for dhcpclient on eth0. Setting up wifi on wlan0 works, but the second virtual interface (wlan1) is not renamed or disabled so you have both in Network Manager which causes issues for NM and confuses people probably, I would remove the virtual interface from the default config, or at least rename it to a name that NM does not automatically tries to configure it. There are many ways to do that, but I usually add a config file to modprobe.d with

options 8723bs iface2name=p2p0

Edit: This did not seem to hide the virtual interface in TDENetworkManager, any suggestions?

RE: Q4OS is available - q4osteam - 03-05-2017

New Q4OS release with a few fixes is available at our downloads page

RE: Q4OS is available - Luke - 03-05-2017

(03-05-2017, 11:53 AM)q4osteam Wrote: New Q4OS release with a few fixes is available at our downloads page

Thanks, we'll update we've updated the mirror on our end.

RE: Q4OS is available - q4osteam - 04-10-2017

New Q4OS update '' available to download

Fixes included:
- now using xorg 'fbturbo' driver
- vdpau support
- multimedia codecs installer
- and minor fixes ..

RE: Q4OS is available - Luke - 04-10-2017

As previously, we will also update our drivers accordingly. Many thanks - looks great!

RE: Q4OS is available - dkryder - 04-10-2017

i downloaded pine64-1803 and q4os. seems fairly snappy to start.