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RE: GUI on openSuSE - tmechanic - 01-23-2018

(01-20-2018, 03:16 PM)tmechanic Wrote: How long is it supposed to take to load the GUI?   currently I'm at 2 hrs. with.

Retrieving                                                              .
Retrieving                                                              .
Retrieving                                                              .
filling the screen.  I'm trying to load KDE 5.

After 18 hrs. I stopped the install, ran Expand the file system and started over, I saw several File Conflict errors and the install aborted. the last error message was

File  /usr/share/man/man7/usr-session-keyring.7.gz
      From install of
          man-pages-4.14-1.1.noarch (openSUSE-Ports-Tumblweed-repro-oss)
     Conflicts with package from
         Keyutils-1.5.9-5.5.aarch64 (@System)

If it makes a difference I'm installing opensuse-pine64lcd-20170328 on a Pine64+  2G  with the 7" touch screen. and I'm using a 32G sd card.