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NIC not visible after kernel update - xleon - 11-15-2016


Long-time lurker, first time poster.  I have been doing some work with my Pine64 2GB and came across the script and as I was having issues (and was hoping some missing kernel modules would be in the later release), I ran the script which determined that there was an update and it duly installed it.

Upon rebooting the Pine, everything came back but the network!  It doesn't appear to see the NIC at all now.
I had been previously forcing eth0 to 100MB F/D due to the gigabit issues, so I don't think it's related as even with the network connected, it doesn't even flash the connectivity LED any more to acknowledge a cable connected.

Is this a known problem?

I'll try again with a new memory card and the original image to rule out a hardware issue, but is there a way I can wind back the new kernel to the one which I was previously running before the script? Does it back up the original kernel folder?

It's difficult to use the Pine via the HDMI as it oversizes so badly that you can't read what you are typing at the bottom of the screen, so I've only done limited investigation at this stage so I'm not even sure exactly which version of kernel it has installed (whatever the latest is as of today I guess)

Thanks in advance.

RE: NIC not visible after kernel update - xleon - 11-15-2016

Not sure what happened, but after looking through and checking what files it had updated to get to 3.10.104-1 and reversing those files back to eth0 is now working again.

Stranger still, since going back to the previous kernel, the NIC fails to work if I leave my line in /etc/network/interfaces which was working before to force the NIC to 100Mb !!

Now, I have to wait for it to fail 1000Mb, then use ethtool via SSH to fix to 100Mb for that boot session.