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Dev toolchain - MasterC - 01-27-2016

Can anyone point me to info on setting up the proper dev toolchain for the Pine64? I'm assuming there is a discussion for this somewhere that I'm not able to find. The toolchain and other related dev environment setup so we're all working on the same or similar setups.


RE: Dev toolchain - Nilocsemliw - 01-27-2016

Not sure if this is helpful (I am not a developer) but here is the link that was given on a similar question a moderator Tllim answered with a link to a bootlog (doesn't seem very helpful to me)
It was described as a "Kernel 4.4 boot log that successfully bring up by Sunxi team"
I would also check the pine64 wiki which looks more promising

RE: Dev toolchain - tllim - 01-27-2016

Here is the excellent blog posted by Dieter, highly encourage to read if you interest in the Linux bring up.

@Dieter, appreciate and thanks on this excellent blog.
Cheers, TL Lim

RE: Dev toolchain - MasterC - 01-28-2016

Thank you!