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New Hardware - names_mark_ - 04-20-2024


I've been considering getting myself a Pinebook Pro, but I check again every year or so and the hardware hasn't been updated it seems. Are there any plans for 8GB RAM or a newer ARM CPU?


RE: New Hardware - dachalife - 04-23-2024

You can get the PT2 with 8gb Ram & RK3566.

BT & WIFI are not enabled by default as with the PBP though. It can be a daily driver, if you take the time to set it up correctly and there is ample information to do just that.

It is not for everyone yet, as WIFI may occasionally cause the system to hang at shutdown and BT has to be manually enabled for it to work reliably; It really depends on what you plan to use it for and your Linux experience.

With that disclaimer stated, I’m using mine weekdays with a mobile router/Linux hotspot and JBL BT external speaker. Due to the smaller form factor & back-lit keyboard, I find myself using it more than my PBP most days, unless I am going to be tethered to a desk.