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wifi with caveats - frtodd - 01-30-2024

I thought this might have been what took the forums down! :-) But it seems no one had posted yet:

This Mastodon post tells how to activate wifi with the updated driver:

WARNING: This activates the testing repo which means you get bleeding-edge updates.

In this case, the only bleeding edge I have found is that sleep mode just hangs. I have to power off the device and back on if I accidentally try to let it sleep (by, for example, closing the cover). 

So it's definitely not perfect. But it works, and works quite well in my few days of playing with it.

It makes the Pinetab a whole new device for me!

RE: wifi with caveats - Corconegre - 02-01-2024

If it's in testing, will it be released soon?
Fingers crossed

RE: wifi with caveats - dachalife - 02-02-2024

Thanks for posting this.

I gave it a shot today and it worked, the downsides I had were a hang on reboot and a bit shorter battery life, but then again I had it on for about 5 hours with intermittent use.

RE: wifi with caveats - dachalife - 02-15-2024

Thought I’d add Bluetooth is fine and functional with all of my devices (JBL & Maxell) earbuds and external speakers.

As of 15/02, fully updated, the stop job doesn’t hang as much and no issues connecting to Cisco AP’s/Mobile Hotspots.

Great Job!