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UAE4Droid Amiga emulator not working - Middleman - 07-22-2016


I've been trying to get the UAE4Droid on Android Lollipop working with my 1GB Pine64, and for some reason it doesn't seem to work/run.
I am wondering is it because the program only currently supports the ARM & x86 chipsets, and I have to wait for Pine64 chipset compatibility to arrive from the app's developer and/or Google? Is it problems with the files I'm using (Kickstart v 1.2 & 1.3 ROM) or is there something else I can add to it to make it work?

Aside from this I have however had some success running MAME4Droid using a mouse and arcade-style joystick with the Pine64. Sound works great either through the HDMI socket or through the audio jack. This is a pic of my setup:


RE: UAE4Droid Amiga emulator not working - CaptainZalo - 07-25-2016

I'm going to try my android setup on the Pine once vacation is over. I've got uae4droid, amigaforever essentials and a couple of other emulators going on a tegra shield tablet. The card with my hd images and adf files are from a half-dead a1200 that grew into a rpi2 emulation station, then into the shield. It works pretty ok, but there are a lot of jaggies and crashes.