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PCIE interface power on too late - Slark Xiao - 11-29-2022

   I have a rockpro64 v2.1 (2018-07-02) and use Armbian system. 
   In my local test, rockpro64 needs about 36seconds before start kernel. And the 5G device connected with the PCIE slot would be power on at that time.
   The 5G device would obey PBL->SBL->Kernel start progress. And the PCI driver would detect 5G device at 3.5 second after host kernel start even if the 5G device still in PBL stage. This would lead to the true VID/PID of PCIE device are not enumerated because device has difference VID/PID between PBL and Kernel stage.

    For reference, USB interface would be power on during about 10seconds. So could we ajust the power on time slot for PCIE slot to avoid above issue?