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Where do the keyboard layouts go? - Eugo - 08-31-2022

After effectively bricking the Mobian subpartition, won't boot, I went on trying out other OSes, now with three weeks of knowledge under my hat Tongue . Tried Fedora for a couple of days, and liked it but it had no sound during calls, unusable. And I don't feel like messing straight with the modem. So I tried Lune and Maemo Leste for about half an hour each, nice, and likewise not ready for day-to-day use.
So next on the list, the Manjaro Phosh.
Seeing how it looks a lot like Mobian, I managed to copy my contacts, call history, worked like a hitch. Now when it came to my pet peeve, the keyboard layouts, I saw that what it uses for keyboards is exactly the same squeekboard as I had in Fedora and Mobian. So I put the files where they're supposed to go, to /home/manjaro/.local/share/squeekboard/keyboards/ and... nothing happened. So I wonder what's wrong this time?

Other than that, so far so good... Even the camera app is better than Megapixels. But no, it IS Megapixels, yet it looks much better and works as expected.

RE: Where do the keyboard layouts go? - Eugo - 08-31-2022

Never mind... I got stupid and put the layouts in the squeekboard folder, not the keyboards folder below it.

On another forum, two galaxies away, this would qualify as a senior moment.