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Multi usb-c adapter from Aliexpress? - Peter Gamma - 06-09-2022

We finally managed to run LibreOffice on the PinePhone and to control it with a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetoth keyboard:

Martijn Braam wrote here in the forum about another usb-c apapter with VGA output:

«In theory any dock that uses usb-c displayport alt-mode for the video ports should work (which most are). The usb3.0 is a bit useless since the usb connection on the PinePhone is only 2.0. «

We bought a USB C Hub 8 In 1 Type C 3.1 To 4K HDMI Adapter with RJ45 SD/TF Card Reader PD Fast Charge for MacBook Notebook Laptop Computer for 20 USD on Aliexpress, shipping included:

We connected the adapter to the Pinehone. We plugged in an usb mouse, worked, an usb-keyboard, did not work, another usb keyboard did not work either, a HDMI monitor, did not work.

Does someone have any ideas how to make the missing components work?

RE: Multi usb-c adapter from Aliexpress? - Peter Gamma - 06-13-2022

update 13.6.22

- usb mouse is working
- usb keyboard is working
- powering the phone when usb power is provided is not working
- HDMI is still not working, although we removed the backcover over the phone as recommended here in the forum