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Chickens, Eggs, and SOEdge - Part 2 - KNERD - 11-23-2021


Quote:There isn't much information about SOEdge, because developers receiving prototypes only now, and it will take some time, but step by step, the wiki will be filled with information, so also I expect more information published on next community blog. About USB SDK and normal SDK, I tried to compare it without unpacking, there isn't much differences on first sight, need to unpack it and make some bigger comparison. I will write here with results.

And there is still is not much information. The only discussions are about unable to get them functioning, and wiki seems to be poorly written with lots of lacking of needed information to at least get it running.

I was considering ordering a set, but not in the condition it seems to be in now.

@tllim  mentioned about sending a unit to @klaven  but seems nothing from him on anything in his development.

Anyone know what is going on?