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Audio - igna09 - 06-26-2016

Hi, if i do
cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [sndhdmi        ]: sndhdmi - sndhdmi

i don't get jack device. Can someone help me?

RE: Audio - xalius - 06-26-2016

Hi, you need to load the module for the sound-codec and get the config file for alsamixer, see discussion here:

RE: Audio - igna09 - 06-28-2016

Thank you for your reply but i can not make it work. If i follow the guide in the first post i get new element whit aplay -l but i can't get it working anyway. In what i'm wrong?

RE: Audio - pictus - 06-28-2016

It´s required to use SU for some of the commands, not sudo. Maybe that´s the problem.

RE: Audio - igna09 - 06-28-2016

No i'm trying to make it working on dietpi that by default use su