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Pine H64 antenna connector - auxym - 10-25-2021


I'd like to replace the antenna on the H64 with an RP-SMA pigtail for a larger antenna. Unfortunately I can't identify the SMD antenna connector. The schematic on the wiki page only refers to J21/ANT1 and there doesn't seem to be a BOM with a P/N. This thread refers to "uFL", but I bought a uFL pigtail and the pine's connector is definitely larger. According to this thread it's MHF4, but again MHF4 appears to be smaller than what I have. In this drawing ( MHF4 receptables appear to have 1.5 mm mating diameter, the receptable on my H64 measures to 2.1 mm dia with calipers.

Anyone have an idea?

RE: Pine H64 antenna connector - auxym - 03-10-2022

Didn't get an answer, so I went ahead and bought a cable with a MHF1 connector. It seems to work fine. Hope this is helpful to others, I'll also add the info to the wiki.

RE: Pine H64 antenna connector - tllim - 03-10-2022

The connector is U.FL type,