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Pine phone keyboard ? - bcnaz - 08-30-2021

I thought the Pine phone keyboard was going to be in the store soon ?

But  there does not seem to be any news here recently.

Did that get abandoned or delayed ?  

   Does anybody have an update ?

Finally in January 2022 !

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - lot378 - 08-30-2021

I think the last blog said sometime in September or October, it would be in the store.

Megi was working on firmware and signed off on it three weeks ago.

Still on schedule, afaik.

Edit: Jeez how do you have 1,592 posts?! Last thing you need is another keyboard! :p

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - biketool - 08-31-2021

WIll I get one for myself, yea I cant not have a keyboard.
DO I still hope for a slider keyboard(like a N900)?
Yea, with Qi charging, NFC, FM transmitter, IR blaster, an RTL-SDR, LoRa, a POCSAG paging decoder, and power/i2c solder pads for more stuff.

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - bcnaz - 09-01-2021

I just saw a prototype on youtube, nice !

It has a huge battery onboard, and the book style should reduce shattered screens, and also buy us some space on the little screen...

Win, Win, Win

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - Zebulon Walton - 09-01-2021

That is just ultra-cool.

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - dachalife - 09-14-2021

Looking forward to this as well.

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - ragreenburg - 09-15-2021

In their blog post today they mention the issues they have had with flashing the firmware onto the keyboard at the factory so it has been delayed until that is solved which sucks. I want to get a couple things from the Pine store but won't get anything until the keyboard releases just so I don't have to pay for shipping multiple times.

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - bcnaz - 09-22-2021

Any update or count-down for The Keyboard's arrival at the store ?

Can I buy a Pine phone with the keyboard pre-installed on it ?


RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - bcnaz - 09-24-2021

Which Distro's are ready to run with the new Pine phone Keyboard ?

RE: Pine phone keyboard ? - gamerminstrel - 09-27-2021

(I could be totally wrong, but) I was under the impression that all tinkering with the keyboard to get it working only had to be done to the keyboard's firmware itself. I don't think it will matter what distro you're using, they should all just recognize it as a keyboard.