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Mobile network mode setting not saved - Zebulon Walton - 08-11-2021

I've found that since there is still 3G service for now, my Pinephone running Mobian/Phosh will sometimes jump back and forth between 3G and 4G. Calling seems to be more reliable with 4G so I went into "Settings/Mobile/Network Mode" and changed that to "4G Only". A checkmark appears next to that, so then I tap the blue "Set" button and it changes and takes effect. However, that setting does not survive a reboot. The next time the phone is turned on the setting reverts to "2G, 3G, 4G (Preferred)".

Is this a bug or a feature, or am I missing something? Is there a way to retain this setting across reboots?

RE: Mobile network mode setting not saved - wibble - 08-12-2021

I'd say overall it's a bug - I can't see how you can spin forgetting user settings as a feature. Having said that I don't know if the settings are actually stored in a config file, or read out of the modem by ModemManager and assumed not to have been changed by anything else - eg25-manager being the most likely to do that. See for eg25-manager enabling GPS no matter the user's location settings.

RE: Mobile network mode setting not saved - zetabeta - 08-12-2021

resetting network mode has happened to me some cases, but not on every boot though.

i think network mode is stored in a modem, but modemmanager may have its own setting. modemmanager may mess the modem even it doesn't have the setting.

RE: Mobile network mode setting not saved - bcnaz - 12-05-2021

For Me :
On occasion I have had to reset the correct APN multiple times, but it does seem to eventually stick, and no problems after that.

*> BUT, I have only had that happen once in a while on a fresh installation.