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Intermittent Mobile Data - csmgj7 - 07-12-2021

Just went to T-Mobile in Greece, NY this past Friday to have my new Pine64 phone activated. 

To make a long story short, when you first boot it up, in Cellular Networks tab under settings, it shows APN as But when you try to access the internet, it doesn't work (I forget the error message right now). But if I wait long enough it will connect to the internet. HOWEVER if I let it sit long enough, it will lose network connectivity altogether. It will show nothing under Access Points or SIM Cards. It's running Manjaro-ARM that it shipped with. KDE Plasma version 5.21.2. KDE Frameworks Version 5.79.0. Qt version 5.15.2. Kernel 5.11.3-1Majaro-ARM. Not sure which, if any, you needed. I attempted to do an update, but it errored out concerning dependencies. 

I'm new to this. What should I do? 

If it makes a difference, I'm currently in Orangeburg, SC at this time. I drive truck.

RE: Intermittent Mobile Data - swiley - 07-13-2021

> if I let it sit long enough, it will lose network connectivity altogether.

That might be unrelated if "sit long enough" includes the phone suspending. IME the closed modem firmware wigs out during suspend.

RE: Intermittent Mobile Data - mouffa - 07-13-2021

I would advise you to update from the terminal with `sudo pacman -Syu` and reboot or even better flash it with the latest image and set the APN again.

It seems that the phone either loses the communication with the modem or with the SIM, it may be software related or something wrong with the hardware.

RE: Intermittent Mobile Data - rocket2nfinity - 07-13-2021

That sounds like a Crust related issue. It is a known bug being worked on. It can partially be fixed by excecuting the following commands in terminal:

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
sudo pacman -Syyu

Click yes, if prompts show up to replace certain files.
That should fix your dependencies and update your device. But, the crust issue is not yet resolved, only improved.

RE: Intermittent Mobile Data - Nutmeg - 07-13-2021

We are not getting Internet anywhere that is out of range of Wi-Fi (work, home, etc.) Is this related to the crust issue?