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Centos 8 Stream on Rock64 - ayoungdukie - 06-04-2021

So I followed along the guide to install CentOS 7 referenced on the Wiki (and noted on the thread here: and the guide on the developer's site here:, and decided to give upgrading to CentOS 8 and then switching to Stream a try.

I followed a few guides online (specifically here and here, and with a tad extra fiddling to handle the kernel version, I was able to get fully updated and now am booting into CentOS stream!

My question is that upgrading 7 - 8 isn't technically supported, so I would like to try making an updated image for Stream 8.

The Project31 site has some info linking to it's inspiring project, which mentions taking the AArch64 image and a booting Armbian image and swapping out the rootfs bits while preserving the the /boot, /lib/modules, and /lib/firmware (here:

When I try to follow up on this, I cannot seem to figure out how to take the images available on the CentOS site and extract the rootfs.... Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your help, and your patience!

RE: Centos 8 Stream on Rock64 - zer0sig - 06-07-2021

Have you tried the procedure that works with CentOS 7?