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Latest updates - bvbfan - 02-26-2021

I install latest update and there is login issue, i change PIN to 12 then change kde password to `kde` (via passwd) then i can't unlock the device. Should i reflash? I try ssh but unfortunately it's not enable, root / root refused. Any suggestions?

RE: Latest updates - douzeb - 02-27-2021

Have you tried ssh with user `kde` instead of root?

RE: Latest updates - bvbfan - 02-28-2021

That works, nice. Did you know PIN match password if not how to changed it in command line?
// Edit: Yes PIN matches password Smile

RE: Latest updates - douzeb - 02-28-2021

I saw that information for another distro but I was not sure about Manjaro.
Good to know it is the same. I'll stick with numeric a password then, as only numbers can be used to unlock the phone.

(I'm new to PinePhone, just received mine yesterday)