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New PBP crashing every 5 min - Lane23 - 11-07-2020

Started up my new PBP this morning, install goes well.  A few minutes after initial boot, the screen freezes - I can use the mouse but nothing works.  Tried letting it sit for 5 minutes or so, no dice.  Had to shutdown.  Have restarted 5 times now and the same issue issue persists.  Can’t seem to do anything in settings or terminal before it freezes.  Any advice??

Thanks for reading Smile

RE: New PBP crashing every 5 min - flatulent_piney - 11-07-2020

I only have a small bit of advice to offer, hopefully someone else will be able to add on later.

Testing with a micro sd card will let you know wether the hardware is at fault or not. Meaning that if you set up an sd card with any distro on it and do nothave the same issues, there is a problem with either the EMMC itself or the stock OS install was borked somehow

RE: New PBP crashing every 5 min - KC9UDX - 11-07-2020

Also try an OS that doesn't default to overclocking.