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How do i change the default resolution? - BowerR64 - 09-05-2020

So i got 3 of those Rock64 boards off Amazon, i only got one emmc card for one so far.

I went threw all of the Android files (Android is all i really know how to use as of now)

Anyway i installed one that is Android 9 tv emmc boot and one that is SD boot. My issue is the SD boot one has a defualt of 1920 x 1080, the emmc install deufalts at 1280 x 720 and it wont change in the settings, ive reinstalled the operating system more then once and its like stuck in the firmware or somethin

Can some one guide me on how to fix this so its like the SDboot version?

I tried to install the SDboot version onto the emmc but for some reason when using this version on the emmc it no longer reconizes the SD reader (im guessing because the os should be on here instead?)

Its been a fun little board so far, i dig all of the different OS files, havnt tried em all yet but its cool they are available