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Hello there!

I've been piddling with my 2G board for a little while and, of course, had the usual set of issues that happen. I'm not even slightly annoyed by this as I know what I was getting myself into backing a project like this! On that note, I'd like to thank the devs and the team for all of their hard work and for putting up with the angry people who need a time out and a cookie.

But, one thing I think people would find really helpful is a single location summary of known bugs, and their workarounds. Maybe there could be sticky thread places somewhere, and categorize them by general group, and then put the higher priority/greater group affected first.

A good example is I've been having the "purple screen" issue caused by using an HDMI->DVI adapter. When it first happened, it would have been wonderful to know that that was a problem.

Anyhoo, just my two cents.
This would be helpfull.

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Just so you know those places do exist.

For Linux

For Android

For Remix OS

I developed the bug tracking system for the Forums on an external site that links everything back to here.