Full Version: cant seem to get 5.1 surround output
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Hey guys

I have tried to use a couple of players to try to get 5.1 surround from the pine64. I tested it with kodi, mx player and the native players both in remix and pure android. It just outputs stereo sound via hdmi although its DTS audio. On Kodi for android i tried using the audio passthrough to an amp i have (which can decode dts, as done by my old boxee box) but the audio cuts off every 3-4 seconds. Has anyone have any luck in running this as a true media center? Or has anyone managed to get 5.1 output out of a dts/dolby audio? 1080p video plays fine though.
Same issue here... Please pine64 people try to solve it...

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Almost same here
The only way to hear 5.1 with Android Kodi was to enable "Dolby Digital" in the settings. But as I have some FLAC from DVD-Audio or Blu-Ray, DD is no real option because of the compression.
Passthrough didn`t work for me either, though my Yamaha Receiver can play it in surround.
Besides Android doesn`t work really well, for I can`t get the play store to work and installing new software is a bit kind of annoying...

By the time I tried Ubuntu an Debian, but same here. The sndhdmi is set only to stereo. I am not used to LINUX, so I googled and tried same solutions (i.e. a changing in the etc/pulse/daemon.conf from 2 to 6 channels), but nothing works so far. I only get a stereo signal. In the Debian-Kodi there isn`t even a Passthrough-Option (yes, settings changed to advanced).
Same issue here, the exact same setup from my PS4 works fine, but not on my Pine64 Android. I know Android 5.1 had issues playing DTS and AC3 audio, could this perhaps be the same issue? Or can someone confirm that they are able to get 5.1 output?
Can You please check this out.

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guys any updates regarding the pass-through?
Have You tried this version of kodi

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