Full Version: Does the Pine usb to sata adapter work with hd-parm?
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I have a Rock64 with OMV, this sata to usb adapter and a WD red . My issue is that the adapter spins down the hard drive after 10 minutes of inactivity and there seems to be no way to increase that duration. I tried the integrated hd-parm in OMV and hd-idle with no luck. Thus, I need to change the adapter. 
My questions are: 

  1. Does the adapter sold by pine support hd-parm? 
  2. Are there any dual sata adapters that work with hd-parm or have a higher spindown time?
  3. Is there a way to have al least 2 hard drives attached to the usb3 port in a reliable way? I noticed that on the OMV forums they advice against using usb hubs.