Full Version: RockPro64 as PVR/DVR
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I was looking at building a dvr to record tv useing a tv tuner. I came across the rockpro 64 and am impressed. I am wondering if it is a good idea to use the rockpro for this task. I would preforably be useing the Hauppauge 1265 PCIE tuner but am afraid the rockpro might not support it. If not what about the usb Hauppauge 955Q tuner? Has anyone done a similar project to this?

I'm still in the setup-phase of my rockpro64 based NAS and server, but the DVR function is successfully running with two identical USB sticks (PCTV tripleStick HD 292e TV Tuner). I'm using tvheadend in docker to record the programme.

Integration with kodi and tvhclient is also working as normal. I did similar before with my Synology DS214+ and Raspberry Pi 3 B.

I'm using armbian on the rockpro64 as the host OS. I needed to take the firmware drivers from my Rapsberry Pi OSMC installation and placing them in /lib/firmware.

I did a quick look to your HW, I think for the USB one of yours, it should be similar as seem here.

Also please note that you have plenty of power on the rockpro64 so it is not a problem to add more services there.