Full Version: Pinning of A/V jack
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Hello together,

I need an adapter / cable for video output of my Rock64 board.

Is this pinning of the plug correct?


first RING after the TIP = video / cvbs
second RING after the TIP = right channel
SLEEVE = left channel

Is that correct?

Many thanks.

according to schematic available on Rock64's resources page: 

GND (tip)

(the arrow -v- show contact area, the big rectangle is most probably the end of the jack itself unless it's backward)
So you're right Smile.
Hello Michael,

thank you very much for confirmation Smile
(06-04-2018, 03:22 AM)Osiander Wrote: [ -> ]Hello Michael,

thank you very much for confirmation Smile

Hello Osiander!

Would you confirm if the suggested pinout combination worked for you? I actually read the schematics backwards as suggested here, I'm not an expert, but it is how understood the schematics and I'd just like to confirm before buying an A/V cable.

Thanks in advance, regards...