Full Version: qemu-system-aarch64
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I have not received  a Rock64 board yet, I will be receiving a clusterboard probably sooner...

In the meantime, while awaiting the actual hardware, I have been trying to set up a dev environment, as well as emulators to test with.

In the longer term, too me, that is a better way to go rather than continually burning untested code to see if it works.

So, I pulled some images, been digging around, but really nothing current with Rock64 or Sopine emulation successfully (others, but have found none for the images in this sight)...

Has anyone using some of these images been successful loading these images in qemu-system-aarch, and booting them?

Seen talk, but even juggling around with the images, as well as command line switches to qemu. I have so far been unsuccessful.

Maybe I am missing something here.

Does anyone have anything to offer?
I'm hunting for the same solution. Did you end up finding one?